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Jamaica Diaspora Movement

In June of 2004 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosted the first bi-annual Jamaican Diaspora Conference at the Jamaica Conference Center, Kingston Jamaica.   The theme for the conference:  “THE JAMAICAN DIASPORA: UNLEASHING THE POTENTIAL” had delegates from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. 

The conference charged an Advisory Committee with the responsibility of creating and implementing programs to “unleash the potential” of the Jamaican Community in their respective countries.  How can Jamaicans living abroad help their homeland?  The United States has 3 representatives – one each representing the North East, South and West/Midwest

Massachusetts Jamaican Diaspora Conference Educators
Massachusetts Jamaican Diaspora Conference Educators

regions respectively.

The US Diaspora goals are:

  1. Creation of an operational structure designed to
    1. Unify the US Jamaican Diaspora Community
    2. Clarify the goals as outlined at the conference
    3. Identify the stakeholders responsible for coordinating the activities in order to achieve the agreed upon objectives.
  2. Creation and implementation of a timeline for achieving the mandates
  3. Hosting a US conference on the off years, beginning in 2005
  4. Creating of a team charged with the responsibility of working with the government to design and maintain website.
  5. The development of a database of Jamaican nationals in the United States
Gary Officer, Jean Fuller Stanley, Dennis Smith
Gary Officer, Associate Black Charities donates $2,500 to NE Diaspora via COJO

North East Regional Advisory Sectors have been formed in the following areas:

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