Jamaican Consul General
Since its inception, the Coalition of Jamaican Organizations has been dedicated to advancing its mission to develop and unify the Jamaican community. Many of you have participated in our activities, some of you have lent us your leadership and expertise, others have attended our various events, and some have sent us their goodwill and blessings -- we appreciate and thank you for your support.  

Over the past several years, Jamaicans and Friends of Jamaica (FOJ) in the Greater Boston area have repeatedly demonstrated their willingness to make personal and professional investments to improve and uplift Jamaica and its people. We invite your continued interest in building our nation as we seek ways to expand COJO's efforts to realize its mission.

  Jamaican Consul General, Boston Honorary Consul and
Members of Massachusetts Black Legislature's Caucus
The Coalition of Jamaican Organizations is a non-profit organization based in Boston, Massachusetts, and was formed in March 1999. COJO brings together the collective wisdom and talents of Jamaican individuals, organizations and groups, and friends of Jamaica to promote and enhance the Broad interests of the Jamaican community in the United States of America. Its aim is to strengthen and help the development and unity of the Jamaican community through social, economic, educational, and cultural endeavors.
Cojo President, Dennis Smith      
    COJO in its evolution and development has remained faithful to its core mission, striving at all times to encourage and build UNITY and DEVELOPMENT in the Jamaican, Caribbean and African Diaspora. The development of leadership relevant to the 21st Century challenges is the strategic goal of COJO.  
COJO President Dennis Smith makes a donation of software and computer textbooks
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